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Chauntry Parkspace solution integrates with SIX Payment Services

Global solution that allows travellers to book and pay for parking online.

Chauntry continues expanding its market reach with SIX Payment Services (formerly SIX Card Solutions) for its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution Parkspace™. Providing end-to-end processing solutions for card transactions and payments using the latest IT infrastructure, payment services provider SIX Payment Services provides merchants with a fully integrated solution for pre-booking of parking and travel related services. The solution is now in operations at additional locations in both USA and Canada.

The Chauntry Parkspace™ system provides parking operators, particularly those with off-street portfolios, with the ability to sell a range of parking products either online or via Smartphone apps. The parking operator has complete control to create parking products designed to meet customers’ needs and effectively sell the space in the parking lot in advance of arrival. This enhances the service available to the parker and enables the operator to effectively yield the lot.

The trend towards booking parking in advance has grown substantially in recent years and is evident at many of the worlds leading Airport’s as well as major venues and conference centres.

The integrated solution means that customers can take advantage of an excellent quality of service from both solution providers, with real-time visibility of transactions and payments between the two systems. Fabien Pesenti at SIX Payment Services said,

“Our goals are to provide expanded overall solutions to our clients especially in the parking industry so clients can rely centrally on SIX Payment Services for all their card processing needs both from operational, back-office and support standpoint. It is important for SIX Payments Services to be able to offer the existing proven solution developed with Chauntry to bring value to our clients”.

Theresa Hughes, Chauntry Chief Executive Officer explained

“Our strategy has always been to focus our software capability on our core strengths and in areas where we are most experienced, whilst offering market leading solutions that are reliable and flexible. This is why our integration partners are so important to our ability to provide end-to end business solutions across the world. Our integration with SIX Payment Services enables customers to adopt a state of the art pre-booking solution for parking, in the knowledge that each aspect of the solution is connected, feature rich and fully supported by experienced and reliable providers, specialist in their respective industries.”

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