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London Olympia Events Parking Online

Celebrating 125 years of events, Olympia (London) is an exhibition centre and conference centre in West Kensington, London. It features three major exhibition halls and is host to a wide variety of events and conferences.


Parking at Olympia is an especially important consideration, given its central London location. Booking in advance for such a venue has become an essential service, and when they launched this service using the Chauntry Parkspace solution the two locations available for pre-booking are the Motorail car park, which takes all vehicle types (incl. lorries), and the Multi-Storey car park which only takes cars. This difference means the system places an essential role in capturing the need to reserve different size bays for different size vehicles.

In addition to the ability to make multiple bookings online, the new Parkspace system also provides Olympia with the ability to resell a pre-booked space after the visitor has left.


Complete customer self service via the Manage my Booking features permits on-line booking amendments and automatic refunds for customers where appropriate.In addition to implementing the Chauntry Parkspace system, Olympia has also recently installed a new car park management system provided by ACS. Working together with the Chauntry solution, the ACS barriers respond to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) so that customers have a speedy and seamless entry and exit from the car park.

Paul Field, Earls Court Car Parks & Business Services Manager says,

“We have been very impressed with Chauntry’s expertise and this extends beyond their own systems to ensuring a fully integrated process for our customers to follow. Offering our visitors the facility to book online has been an important move forward and one that allows us to offer better service moving forward”

Theresa Hughes Chauntry Chief Executive Officer added

“Olympia events’ parking highlights Chauntry’s capability to apply our solutions to a variety of different parking situations. The need to offer drivers the ability to pre-book parking in short-term spaces, especially those tied to an event is of huge benefit to venues as it not only helps with utilisation but can assist the venue with yield pricing appropriate to the demand on a particular day.”

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