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Parkspace Lite selected by Hamilton International Airport New Zealand

Hamilton Airport in central Waikato on New Zealand’s North Island provides domestic routes to some of the most breathtaking and scenic locations New Zealand can offer. Passengers can also use the Airport as a departure point for international destinations in Australia, USA and Europe.


With 24 hour 7 day a week automated car parking available to the public, the Airport launched Chauntry’s ParkspaceTM online booking system, to offer travellers more convenience, and significant savings on the expense of parking at the airport.

The Airport’s forward thinking approach customer service and technology, led them to select Chauntry as their solution provider as this provided them with the ability to connect to a leading solution already being used by many of the world’s major airports. Without any investment in infrastructure or computing, the Airport has access to a fully integrated booking service, backed by an experienced and dedicated support team.

Hamilton Airport CEO, Chris Doak, explained,

“The airport is constantly looking for ways to provide better service at a price point with greater choice. We are pleased to announce our new online car park booking option gives customers the ability to book ahead and pre-pay online, ensuring their parking space is obtained at the lowest price available.”

Mr Doak said customers could save up to 50 percent on drive-up rates if they book well ahead of their travel dates.

“Working with Chauntry has enabled us to provide our customers the best possible online experience for booking the car park spaces”

said Mr Doak.

Theresa Hughes, CEO of Chauntry provided details on the ease of access to technology for Airports without extensive IT teams in house.

“The Chauntry Cloud offers a fully integrated and secure solution for online booking. Chauntry’s core expertise is in delivering the software functionality specifically required for car park pre-booking, backed by service levels and expertise to ensure each of our clients is successful in their approach.”

“We are extremely pleased to see this in operation at an Airport such as Hamilton, because it demonstrates that regional airports with a clear focus on service and commercial growth can achieve their objectives with the right partners in place”.

Hamilton Airport is the first regional airport in New Zealand to offer online car park booking. The Chauntry system is also being used at the major metropolitan airports in Auckland and Wellington. Bookings can be made at:


Customers enter their travel itinerary through the website to receive a quote and range of options. A credit or debit card reserves the booking on a secure site and customers receive an email confirmation of their booking details.

Upon arrival at Hamilton Airport, customers use their credit or debit card to enter and exit the car park, negating the need to carry a ticket or go to the payment machines separately.

“It’s a very easy and seamless process,”

says Mr Doak.

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