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Valet parking on the rise in Europe

Europe is seeing an explosion in valet parking. Until the last 2 years valet parking or meet and greet as it sometimes referred to, has been a relatively small market for premium passengers only. But now thanks to lower prices valet parking is now affordable to the leisure traveller as well.
Many airports are offering a range of different valet parking services to their passengers online. The driver pick up and drop off at the kerbside is available at the highest rate but other options such as drop off kerbside on the way out and pick up from short stay now compliment this and at a lower price.

Valet parking has traditionally been an expensive service to run for an airport. Having the car at the right place at the right time is also operationally challenging.

Now thanks to the Chauntry valet parking system the operational complexities are removed. The whole process from start to finish is streamlined and the customer service is improved.

The new module allows valet parkers to check in cars using a tablet device in the car park or at the forecourt. All the details are onscreen and every movement of the car is recorded. At the press of a button the valet team can see where cars are parked and which cars need to be collected. The Chauntry system even recommends to the valet parker where they should park the car.

Flight delays and flight changes no longer pose a problem. The Chauntry integration with flight information systems mean the valet parker is automatically alerted to any changes to the passenger flight.

Theresa Hughes CEO says

“We have built an enviable reputation as the world leader in prebook parking. We are now set to the same in operational parking systems. Our 25 years of experience in the industry mean we really understand parking and what challenges a parking operator faces. This knowledge has been invaluable in designing solutions that don’t just look good but deliver tangible operational efficiency.”

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