Toronto Pearson International Airport Launches Program Allowing Travelers to Reserve Space in a Traveler’s Lounge with Chauntry Parking Pre-Booking Platform

Chauntry, the leading provider of parking reservations systems, announced today that it has partnered with Toronto Pearson International Airport to launch a ground-breaking lounge reservations program through its Parkspace platform. The airport offers six common use lounges for travellers to relax in privacy while they await their flights. For the first time, travellers can use the airport’s parking reservations platform to book space in one of the lounges as they reserve a parking space.

“This is all about providing a better customer experience for travellers,” said Philip Safos, Toronto Pearson’s Associate Director, Business Planning and Performance. “It’s stressful enough to fly, and the more the traveller can control, the better the experience will be. By offering flyers a chance to reserve both parking and a spot in the lounge before they even leave the house, we hope to give flyers a little more control over their travel experience and freedom from any anxiety, frustration and uncertainty.”

The airport’s six lounges are managed by Plaza Premium, an international leader in offering global airport hospitality solutions in airports across the world. In addition to booking lounge space through the airport’s parking reservations portal, travellers can also book through Plaza Premium directly.

“Toronto Pearson is a pioneer in using technology to provide the best travel experience possible,” said Theresa Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Chauntry. “The airport’s leaders are always looking for new ways to make flying more enjoyable, and they have exciting plans for even more programs like this in the future.”

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority is the operator of Toronto Pearson. Airport parking and lounge reservations can be booked at

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