Why Parkspace?

Powerful but straightforward, easy to use, reliable and cost effective, Parkspace delivers everything you need to increase your parking revenues and delight your customers too.

We grow with you

Our clients span every type and size. From some of the biggest airports and conference centres in the world to the smallest off-street city location. Parkspace is modular in design so you can take as much or little of it as you want. As you grow our systems grow with you.

Our core technology

Parkspace is at the heart of our services we offer.

Parkspace is delivered to you and your customers as a fully responsive web application, working across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Intelligent and Insightful

Parkspace gives you an unprecedented 360 degree view of your business. Revenue performance, occupancy, customer experience, marketing success – everything you need to know is at your fingertips.

You take the reins

Parkspace allows you to take control of your car parks, by combining intelligence, marketing, sales, and availability tools all from one powerful system, so you can make the most out of all your parking assets.

Delight your customers

Using the extensive tools in Parkspace, you can engage with your customer more often and more effectively. Keep them informed about happenings at the airport. Recognise and reward them with offers. Personalise their online and offline experience with you. Happy customers that keep returning.

Boosting your revenue

Parkspace has yield management at its heart. Our tools allow you to create an optimum set of products and prices that automatically change according to customer demand.

Rich and Valuable Data

Reliable, rich data is a cornerstone of Parkspace. With intelligent dashboards, detailed reports and open access to all your data you will have an unprecedented and accurate view of your business performance ensuring best decision making.

Connect and collaborate

Customers come via many sales channels and Parkspace opens up new markets and new sales channels. Built to easily connect with airlines, travel agents and travel companies you can be sure to get to the widest audience.

Secure Data Protection

We protect you and your clients data with multiple layers of security all externally audited and certified to the highest data protection industry standards.

Easy to implement and easy to run.

Delivered to you as a fully hosted SaaS solution Parkspace is remarkably quick and easy to implement. We take care of all the ongoing support so you can concentrate on increasing your business and your customers.

Helping our clients grow

With the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years through working with our clients, we are able to guide and advise on a range of parking, revenue and ecommerce matters.

However, Parkspace is not just a platform for reservations and customer engagement. It can also be deployed to run your car park from an operational perspective. And as you grow you can be assured that your Parkspace system has the scalability to grow with you.

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