Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Launches Program Allowing Travelers to Reserve Parking with Chauntry Parking Pre-Booking Platform

Chauntry, the leading provider of parking reservations systems, announced today that it has partnered with Ace Parking and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to launch a new parking reservations program utilizing its Parkspace platform. Parking pre-booking is now available in each of the airport’s six parking facilities, including both premium garages adjacent to the terminals and economy parking. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was recently named America’s best airport by the Wall Street Journal.

“We are delighted to be working with Ace Parking and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to offer parking reservations,” said Theresa Hughes, president and CEO of Chauntry. “The airport and Ace Parking are making full use of all of Chauntry Parkspace’s features to offer travelers the most convenient parking experience imaginable. That includes utilizing our yield management and dynamic pricing capabilities, which allows them to offer great deals to online pre-bookers.”

Chauntry’s Sky Harbor reservation platform allows travelers to reserve parking in advance from any computer or handheld device. Reservations can be made as far out as six months before flying and up until two hours before a planned flight. When travelers pre-book, they are charged the appropriate parking fee and sent a bar code that can be printed or used with a mobile device to enter and exit the garage. The process is simple and seamless.

“Making Chauntry’s pre-booking platform available to our flyers will dramatically improve the airport parking experience,” said Steve Burton, president of Ace Parking, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s parking operator. “In addition to convenience, the platform also gives us the ability to offer a number of important customer amenities.”

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport parking reservation platform is prominently promoted on the airport’s website, and allows travelers to reserve parking in the facility of their choice, either in terminal-side garages or more remote economy facilities. Within terminal-side garages, travelers have the ability to upgrade to premium spaces located next to elevator towers. The system also recognizes which terminal the traveler is flying out of, analyzes availability in close proximity to those terminals, and can offer discounted parking in those parking facilities if supply permits. Additionally, drivers can use the system to book car washes and detailing, and have their vehicles cleaned while they are traveling. Finally, the system is also integrated with Chauntry’s parking rewards program and travelers earn reward points for pre-booking online.